The Ultimate Hair Flair; How To Keep Your Hair Stylish and Healthy!

I know a lot of us enjoy taking care of our hair and finding new tricks and tips to keep it as healthy as possible, from testing out different hair masks to trying different products, we ultimately spend several hours trying these new techniques. While many of us work really hard to keep our hair as healthy as possible, it can all go to waste by not being careful about what types of hair accessories and hair ties we use on our hair.. that's what we're going to be talking about in this blog post! The types of hair accessories we use matter greatly to ensure we are preventing breakage, thinning, receding hairlines, balding, and pulling out the hair, and also to ensure we are able to maintain the length, thickness, and health of our hair as it continues to grow and become more lengthy!

What Hair Accessories Should I Avoid and Why?

Elastic Rubber Bands - Using an elastic rubber band with no fabric surrounding it can cause your hair to become extremely tangled and cause the hair to rip and be pulled out when attempting to take the elastic band out; this causes extreme and instant hair thinning that can only be healed by cutting off the damaged hair which can be devastating especially if you have longer hair. Rubber bands have the most negative affects on long straight blonde/ lightened hair and are not preferable for any hair types.

Nylon Hair Ties - Similar to rubber bands, although these are slightly softer on the hair, they still don't provide enough protection on the hair to prevent breakage and pulling, and they also can cause balding, and receding hair lines. If you're someone who ties your hair up often, I would avoid these as much as possible. These are the most damaging for curly and wavy hair but not preferable for any hair types.

What Hair Accessories Should I Use to Help Maintain Healthy and Thick Hair?

Silk Scrunchies - While these scrunchies are amazing to prevent pulling, balding, and breakage on the hair, they also protect the hair by preventing pulling and friction that causes the hair to become tangled. They also have an extremely classy and modern aesthetic making them the perfect accessory for fashion also!

Cotton Scrunchies - These Scrunchies are perfect for fine hair or hair that is on the weaker side because they give a no- slip affect and have a thick protective layer between the elastic band and the hair, preventing pulling and friction and to give a secure sleek effect with no damage to the hair.

Chiffon Scrunchies - These scrunchies are the most beneficial for hair that has endured chemical treatment's such as lightening/ bleaching, coloring, relaxers, and perms, or hair that has been extremely damaged from other factors such as heat styling or weather. These extremely soft scrunchies will ensure the hair has a fast recovery to prevent any further distress!

Velvet Scrunchies - These are beneficial for all hair types because of their soft material, they give extra stretch that will help to prevent pulling and receding hairlines, and also will give you a result that prevents creasing in the hair because of how soft they are! Also, these are so soft and thick that they prevent the hair from becoming tangled which is also beneficial in preventing the hair being ripped out. These are great for all hair types!

"Never Had A Bad Hair Day With A Scrunchie!"