Spring Time = Me Time; How To Achieve The Perfect Soft Glam For Your Spring Makeup

Every year new trends and trends that re- surface in the beauty industry become more prominent during each season during the year. During the Spring of 2021, one of the most popular makeup looks has been the "Soft Glam Makeup" otherwise known as the "No Makeup, Makeup Looks" that have been quite popular over the years (and are some of our favorites!). In this blog post, we'll be teaching you how to achieve the perfect soft glam, from skin to eyeshadow, that are perfect for the spring and can even be done throughout the summer! We also go over some of our favorite spring time color schemes and techniques, to learn these amazing techniques and some new tips and tricks, continue reading down below!

Relaxed And Subtle Eyeshadow:

Not only is soft glam one of my favorites, but it's also trending and one of the main styles of spring 2021 and has been used this season in many runway shows! The power of subtle and "effortless" eyeshadow, if any is used at all, is becoming more and more popular! A lot of the time, people will make the assumption because you're doing a soft glam look, that means that you are only using brown and tan shades, but that isn’t necessarily the case! Powerful yet subtle and natural eyeshadow looks can be used creating maroon, shimmer shades, and even black for timeless smoky eyeshadow, which can all be found in our Sunset Bliss Palette's! In the look above, I used a medium brown shade for my eyeshadow, covered my lid with a gold shimmer shade, then applied a brown liner and buffed it out! Thats how simple it can be, and as shown above it is classy and professional, perfect for any occasion!

Glowing And Radiant Skin:

People may sometimes feel that this is difficult to achieve, and there is a common misconception that 'if your skin doesn't naturally glow, you can't achieve this', but that is definitely not the case! There are many tricks you can do to increase your soft makeup glow and just your glowing skin as a whole. Prepping your skin with a moisturizer and oil to give extra hydration can be a perfect way to enhance your skins glow, you can also apply highlighter (powder or liquid, in the image I used the liquid Rissa Beauty Highlighter) to the cheekbones and other areas you'd like to enhance and add shine to! These tricks will ensure that your makeup is always glowing and radiant in pictures as well as real life.

Lip Shades With Slight Pops Of Color:

This step is one of my absolute favorites because not only will it tie the entire look together, but it will also hydrate your lips, keeping them nicely plumped for the entire day! There are a ton of beautiful lipsticks on the market that have ingredients to support lip moisture just like a lip balm, but in lipstick form! In the image above, I used a product similar to what I described from Honest Beauty, and not only can you see how my lips subtly stand out, they are also very plumped from the hydration that these balm can give! Also, these balms will give a slight tint to your lips which enhances the natural lip shade and can alter it slightly to give subtle color variations! (P.S. the tint is NOT permanent, it can be wiped off with makeup remover or soap and water!).

We Can't Wait To See All Of The Stunning Soft Glam Makeup Looks You All Create In The Future!


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