Sheltered in Place? Pamper your face! How wearing makeup can improve your mood during quarantine

Did the coronavirus ruin all of your 2020 plans like it did mine? During this pandemic, people’s lives are being altered dramatically all over the world. Social distancing is the new norm these days and we are all learning how to adjust our day-to-day lives. People are finding ways to eliminate their boredom during this difficult time. 

What do psychologists say about lockdown makeup?

Dr. Stewart Shankman, head of psychology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, as quoted in the April 7th edition of Time Magazine, says that keeping routines can boost your mood. “This COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented time of uncertainty and uncontrollability. So people putting makeup on will give them a sense of control given what’s going on outside is uncontrollable,” he explains. “What people are doing when they’re putting on makeup or getting dressed is they’re doing something to improve their mood, and we know from research studies and interventions that when people can control their mood, it helps their sense of well-being.”

Makeup is a creative confidence booster: 

Some people may imagine that investing energy and cash in cosmetics during a quarantine is unreasonable or pointless. However, I believe that cosmetics are a creative way to uplift your confidence. Makeup is an art form and the consumer is both the artist and the canvass. Good hygiene and taking care of your appearance can decrease your stress. Get up early in the morning and invest 30 minutes in yourself. It will make you feel beautiful, confident, and happy.

When you are doing your makeup you will concentrate your attention with each stroke of your brush or blending of your shadows. That is all your mind is focused on at that moment. You are not pondering the outside stressors throughout your life; you are just concentrating on mixing and blending your eyeshadow, applying your lashes, or contouring your face. Even though our problems are still there, we are able to forget about them for a brief time.

So let’s forget about the pandemic. Take a brush, do your brows, put on some lipstick, groom for Zoom, and become a quarantine beauty queen!


 “Wakeup and makeup”

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