Heading into Summer; how to protect your hair from the suns harmful heat rays!

It's May! Do you know what that means? Summer is just around the corner. Do you remember Summer? That time of year when you could fry an egg on the sidewalk? Summertime means more heat, more dryness, and more UV exposure than your hair is probably used to after being cooped up inside for so long. Just because your summer body might be a little lacking, doesn’t mean your hair should suffer too.

What can I do to protect my hair from sun damage?

With more businesses being allowed to open up, let’s not forget the most essential of outdoor activities; Getting a good haircut. A good trim is a great jump-start for your hair. Trimming off the dead ends allows your hair to start rebuilding.

Don’t think that a new cut is all you need. Once it’s been trimmed back its time for upkeep and maintenance. Try to keep your outside time to a minimum at first so as to avoid overexposure and unnecessary damage. “The easiest way to tell, is if it’s become dry or brittle after exposure,” says Alan J. Parks, M.D., a dermatologist and founder of skincare shop DermWarehouse. If you go running around and mess up your ends right after you trim them, then it’s another trip to the salon to start over.

More tips and tricks to protect your hair

If you’re like me, then most of your outside Summer time will be spent floating on a raft in the pool, sipping margaritas, and wondering how long the lines at the DMV will be when I finally get to renew my car registration again. Do remember that the chemicals in pool water along with the UV exposure of the sun can amplify the damage to your hair.

Make sure to wash your hair right after getting out of the pool. Use plenty of conditioner, especially for colored and lightened hair.  For oily scalps just condition the mid shafts and ends. Unless you swim every day, washing your hair daily is not recommended since that will strip your hair of the natural protective oils, causing additional dryness for all hair types.

In addition to conditioning, I recommend that you use a few spritz of argan oil mixed with water and lavender oil for extra moisture especially if you have curly hair like mine.  Lavender is a great natural remedy to reduce scalp inflammation and promote hair growth.

If none of these tips are for you then it's all good, just wear a hat! It will work just as great as everything I just blogged about. Hats are super trendy... but a little PSA, still condition your hair please.

Get ready! Summer’s gonna be here much sooner than you expect, so start thinking about getting that hair in tip top shape.

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