Glistening Hair is Essential; How To Add Extra Shine To Your Hair!

Long, shiny, and healthy hair is a great way to boost your self confidence and something that makes us all feel even more secure in our hair crowns! We all have seen the commercials where men and women are showing off extremely shiny hair, and having shiny hair will ultimately make your hair appear to be even more healthy looking than it may be. So, how can we achieve the same shiny hair results at home with ease and in a way that isn't time consuming? Well, that's what we will be talking about today in this blog post, continue reading to find out more about how to enhance the shine and level up the overall appearance of your hair!

Rinse Your Conditioner Out with Cold Water

This tip has been used often for many years especially for hair coloring. The reason why this is beneficial and work's is because the hair cuticle expands and closes up again depending on if the chemicals/ water you put onto your hair are hot or cold. Cold items make the hair cuticle close while hot items cause the cuticle to expand/ open. Something that I and many of my clients do at home or in the salon is after you've shampooed and conditioned you hair, you can rinse the conditioner out with cold water for about 2-5 minutes which will close the hair cuticle locking in the moisture from the conditioner and adding shine to your hair. This is also nice because it isn't time consuming and will give almost immediate results!

Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This step is amazing because it takes no time and makes a huge difference! You can do this by changing your diet and adding in more nuts, fish, milk, eggs, and or carrots and spinach! This is also perfect because you can have some of these things as a snack or a full meal and it will be easy to incorporate.

Invest In a Hair Oil

This final step is extremely necessary for almost all hair types! There are dozens of different. hair oils to choose from, some are perfect for thinner hair and others are most beneficial for thicker curlier hair! If you have an oily scalp then it will be best to only apply the oil to the ends of your hair, and if you have thick curly hair (like myself) it will benefit you the most to apply oil on the scalp, mid-shafts, and ends of your hair since it generally is more on the dry side! This is an essential step to ensuring any dry or frizzy hair will not be as noticeable, it will be extremely shiny, and your hair will be getting the moisture it needs!

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