Cook your concealer, not Bake; learn this powerful technique that's taking over the Beauty Industry!

Have you heard of the technique where you "cook your concealer"? If you're familiar with techniques that drag queens use for their makeup, then I'm sure you've heard of cooking your concealer. This amazing technique is a game changer for creating a seamless finish to your makeup look that can last you all day long. It will also aid in vanishing your dark circles and will help brighten up your under eyes!

Difference between “Baking” and “cooking”:

Now, I know you're thinking you've heard of "Baking" but we haven't heard of "Cooking". The main difference between baking and cooking is time. This trick is very simple and will have a huge difference in the way your makeup appears and lasts throughout the day! In Baking, you only leave translucent powder on your under eyes for 5 - 10 minutes. In Cooking, you leave it on for 10 - 20 minutes!

How to cook your concealer:

This technique is extremely simple! After applying your concealer to the under eyes and blending it into your foundation, you will apply a generous amount of translucent powder to your under eyes! (Pro tip: put some powder in the lid of the container so you don't get too much on the brush, this helps prevent wasting powder). Then, you will let that sit for about 10 - 20 minutes the dust the powder off of your under eyes! This is going to brighten your under eyes and also ensure no creasing of your concealer throughout the day! Try it out at least once and you will see a major difference to how fresh your makeup stays throughout the entire day!

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me”

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