Beauty Guide 101: How To Elevate Your Summer Skin Glow And Makeup Looks For 2020

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Is there anyone who doesn't love to have luminous skin during the summer? Absolutely not! As it begins getting warmer outside and we get further into summer there are some natural makeup looks for glistening skin that will be more desirable. It also means that it's an ideal opportunity to break out all the vibrant graphic eyeliners and dewy finish foundations! Despite the fact that summer 2020 is not the same as others due to it being a "calm summer" (thanks to COVID19), it doesn't mean you cannot still experiment with new makeup looks. Now is the perfect time to experiment with finding new ways to elevate natural makeup and to make it stand out, while not being overbearing. Let's dive deeper into talking about some of our favorite and easiest summer makeup trends!

Summer trends:

Our all time favorite is a no-makeup, makeup look:

Summer is all about glossy lips, clean but bold makeup looks, and glowing/subtle skin! Our all time favorite makeup look is the natural no-makeup, makeup look! Not only is it easy to do especially for beginners, it's also much less time consuming and will still have all of the attention drawn to you! Here are the most vital tips for a natural base:

1. Set your face with an oil for glowing skin:

Pick up your favorite cleanser and cleanse your face before applying ANYTHING. Then apply your favorite primer to your base, to get an extra dewy and glowing base, I recommend using a priming oil! Just apply a couple of drops and then rub it into your skin. This step is important as it will help to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day!

2. Use concealer and a dewy (not matte) foundation:

Use concealer to eliminate dark circles and spots, then apply a dewy foundation to the base of your skin over the primer. Using a matte foundation will cause the opposite affect of a glowing tone, causing no shine and limited brightness.

3. Natural-looking brows and bronzer:

Our all time favorite natural brow look, especially for summer, is using minimal powder then with a brow gel flicking it slightly diagonal which will make the brow look thicker, while also creating a beautiful natural look. Apply a light bronzer on your cheekbones to ad a natural looking depth.

4. Its time to glow:

Apply a light amount of highlighter to your cheekbones (above the bronzer) and on your nose to add greater depth to your skin glow. You will not need to apply a large amount because the oil primer we used in step 1 will help to enhance the highlight you've applied!

5. Glossy lips for extra glow:

Apply a soft clear lip gloss to your lips to make them appear fuller and this is another step that you can take to add to your glow. Boom! You're now a glowing goddess.

Graphic eye-liner for a pop of color:

Applying a bold eye shadow isn't really something you'd typically do for a natural makeup look, most shadows that should be used for this look are neutral shades. If you'd like to add a splash of color for your dewy skin look, something you can do that is simple but still gorgeous is to lightly add some graphic liner. It's one of the most popular trends of the Summer. People will be able to see that you're wearing the graphic liner, but the simplicity of it is beautiful and gives you a small pop of color without taking away from the natural affect of the rest of your skin. Just to re-cap; Bronze your face, add some highlight, and apply a vibrant graphic eye-liner and you are ready to conquer the world.

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